Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Should Run!

I love to golf.  It is a passion of mine.   It is relaxing, challenging and a great walk.   This being said the only golf I can afford right now is miniature golf or Wii Golf.   You see, I do not make great money.  I scrounge by check by check.  I have a family with kids.   My money right now is being stretched beyond what is comfortable to me.

Yesterday I got a tank of gas and it is still costing me over $50 a tank.   I get 23 miles per gallon.  I have to have a larger car with my family needs.  I cannot go out and get what our President says a new car that is energy friendly.  You see, I cannot afford a $400 a month payment.  My vehicle has been paid for and I am driving it until it dies.

I also have cut way back on all the driving I have done so I spend less on gas.  This means that my family and I do not spend so much money when we travel all over the state.  You see we used to love to explore Minnesota and right now we do not have extra money to stay at hotels, eat out, shop and buy things in cities like Brainerd, Moorhead, Alexandria, Rochester and Ely.

I should run for President and make the US of A pay for my pub crawls in Europe, pay for my trips to New York City to see a play.   Pay for my wife and kids to go to other places while I "work" on this economy.  Oh, did I mention that if a disaster happens I would visit the place a week after because it fits my rigid schedule?  And make short speeches to remember our veterans who gave their lives so I can go golfing 9 weekends in a row? 

Yes, I should run for President.     

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