Sunday, May 20, 2012

Really, MN GOP?

I have two questions for the Minnesota Republican Partygoers at the convention.



Those are my two questions in regards to the state of the Minnesota Republican Party.  They have moved from the religious conservative wackos to even further right with sending all but 1 delegate to the 2012 Republican Party, or as I call it, "The Crowning of Obama".   Oh and that 1 delegate that is not a backer of Ron Paul is Michelle Bachmann, the head of the bat-shit crazy wing of the party.

I get it.  We are the state that needs to be different than the other 50 states.  We do this by electing Jesse Ventura and Mark Dayton (speaking of batshit crazy, but thats a different story) as Governors and Al Franken as Senator.  At least Sen. Franken has not shit all over himself as Senator yet.   Yet.      

So, all these delegates want Ron Paul as our next President.  Not Mitt Romney.  Certainly not The Chosen One (of Socialism), Barack Obama.   Really?  Why?   Oh you want us to not watch out for our own interests overseas?  You want to revert back to the outdated Gold Standard?  You want the U.S. of A. to be isolationists.  I get that.  There are times when I think the USA gets too involved in other countries problems.  But I do not think that ignoring the worlds problems would help.

I guess my frustration is that we Minnesotans have to be different.  Thats right, cast those votes for Ron Paul (and one for Michele Bachmann) and watch as the rest will elect Mitt Romney to be the nomination for party.  I will just sit back and shake my head in embarrasment.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day, Mom.   I wanted you to know that it has been 20 years since I last saw you and plenty has happened in the past 20 years but this is not about that.  This post is about how much I appreciated things you did for me that I never thanked you for.

Thank you Mom for letting me play sports.  This is what helped shape me to learn about teamwork, heartache, joy of winning, how to work hard to succeed, share in camaraderie with others and above all, laugh with my friends.

Thank you Mom for always being there when I got hurt.  Remember when I got a concussion and you spent the night with me awake so I would not fall asleep?  Remember when I hurt my knee and you left work early and took me to the doctor?  Remember when I had that motorcycle accident as full of road rash and hurt all over and how you stayed with me that first night to make sure I could rest?   I do.

Thank you Mom for showing me how to cook.  I love to cook now and am showing the love of my cooking with my son who wants to learn how to do that.

Thank you Mom for keeping our family together when our dad was struggling with alcohol addiction.  Thank you for supporting him and working out things with him and keeping our family together.  When our dad was sober he was a great man and we kids learned a lot from him.  Now days, many families do not get that chance as the parents split and the dad is no where to be found.

Thank you Mom for laughing at all my bad jokes.

Thank you Mom for showing me how to drive.

Thank you Mom for always being at my games even though you had to leave work early to go to them and for cheering me up when we lost or I had a bad game.

Thank you Mom for not getting mad when my schoolwork slipped a little and you helping me with some subjects.  I never forgot how you took time to help me out.

Thank you Mom for showing me that you can go through cancer and be dignified right up to the very end and for never forgetting to tell me you loved me right up to the end.

Thank you Mom.  May you rest in peace today in Heaven....

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is it time to recall Governor Dayton?

Minnesota state government is in full shutdown mode now.  The legislative leaders and the Governor are far apart in negotiating a deal.  Governor Dayton feels it is in the best interest for the state to shut down and have it's 23,000 employees go on a mandated vacation.  Governor Dayton is failing and here is why:
  • He fails to call a special session to give temporary funding for services to continue while negotiating a deal.
  • He continues to say that the rich need to pay more.  This "Tax the Richest" mantra that liberals preach does not work in states that use this.  It does not bring in the revenues like they think it will since the so-called rich hire tax attorneys to spread their wealth to other states and away from the state the live in.
  • HE LIES TO MINNESOTANS!  He states things that the GOP wants to cut spending from schools and from the elderly.  This is a lie!  The budget goes up bi-annually.  This is the largest budget ever in Minnesota.  How can you cut spending from schools and elderly when they will have more money no matter what than the previous budgets.  This is morally wrong for any Democrip to state this.  It is also wrong for any liberal person to not understand this.
It is time to recall Mark Dayton.  It is time for real leadership at the Capitol and have a governor with real leadership and values instead of one who spits out the same old lies and mandates of tax the rich.  

Monday, June 6, 2011

Liberating Freedom on this D-Day

Freedom of Tyranny.

Freedom of Oppression.

Stopping Fascism.

Liberating those who were oppressed.  

Liberating Freedom.
That is what I think about on this anniversary of D-Day.  I think about the sacrifice individuals made to liberate oppressed and continue America's way of freedom.   Yes, D-Day was about pushing the Nazi's back to their homeland.  Freeing nations.  D-Day was also more.  It was the Allied Forces (Mainly USA and Great Britain) liberating those who came under the Nazi siege.  D-Day was the ultimate sacrifice where many young men lost their lives so others could live.  Today is a day where we should tell any vet of any war, Thanks.  Thanks for keeping freedom alive.

Also-if you have not read anything from Vince Flynn-I suggest you do.  This makes a great Father's Day gift (hint hint)!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flat Tax In Our Lifetime? YES!

Money is good.   I wish I had more of it.   I wish that my savings account and checking account and my kids' accounts would have more money in them.  Unfortunately they do not.  I have railed already about the cost of golf and how if President I would love to have as much time as the Anointed One has to play golf.   This post is not about that.  In fact from now until July 4th all my posts will be about the good ol' U.S. of A. (and I will try not to rip O as much as I do).

This post is about the freedoms we have to our lives.  We live in a society and Republic that allows us to spend money when we want and where we want to (within laws-sometimes it would be fun to be in Amsterdam).   We live in a capitalist society.  Not one of oppression.  Not one where kings and queens will take your money away.   We can make as much or as little as we want to.  Those who want to be rich can be.  Those who are comfortable with what they have can be.   Some who want to reshape the way cities look can.  Some who want to craft the land they live on and help feed the world, can.

We are quickly coming up to the 100 year old birthday of the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  This amendment allows Congress to levy an income tax without apportioning it among the states or basing it on census results.  This amendment will turn 100 on February 3, 2013.  At first, this was a simple flat tax on income.  Noble idea.   Wish we could go back to this idea, not as a consumption tax but a flat tax on wages earned.  Of course, those on the left and far left will say that those who make more need to pay a higher tax rate than those who do not.  I say keep it a flat tax and cut back spending on worthless programs, projects, research and NPR (Yes they are a favorite of mine!).   Our freedoms rely on us being liquid and not dependent on others.  America has to have this passion again that we are a free society-not one that is sucking at our mothers teet all the time (in this case our Uncle Sam's teet but you get the point).

Could this happen?  YES.  We first have to educate lefties about spending (can't spend more than brought in) and educate everyone on why a flat tax is fair.   We also have to get the right people into positions to make this happen.  We have to defeat The Anointed One in 2012, take hold of the Senate and keep hold of the House.  Yes, America, Yes WE Can!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Should Run!

I love to golf.  It is a passion of mine.   It is relaxing, challenging and a great walk.   This being said the only golf I can afford right now is miniature golf or Wii Golf.   You see, I do not make great money.  I scrounge by check by check.  I have a family with kids.   My money right now is being stretched beyond what is comfortable to me.

Yesterday I got a tank of gas and it is still costing me over $50 a tank.   I get 23 miles per gallon.  I have to have a larger car with my family needs.  I cannot go out and get what our President says a new car that is energy friendly.  You see, I cannot afford a $400 a month payment.  My vehicle has been paid for and I am driving it until it dies.

I also have cut way back on all the driving I have done so I spend less on gas.  This means that my family and I do not spend so much money when we travel all over the state.  You see we used to love to explore Minnesota and right now we do not have extra money to stay at hotels, eat out, shop and buy things in cities like Brainerd, Moorhead, Alexandria, Rochester and Ely.

I should run for President and make the US of A pay for my pub crawls in Europe, pay for my trips to New York City to see a play.   Pay for my wife and kids to go to other places while I "work" on this economy.  Oh, did I mention that if a disaster happens I would visit the place a week after because it fits my rigid schedule?  And make short speeches to remember our veterans who gave their lives so I can go golfing 9 weekends in a row? 

Yes, I should run for President.     

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Just a quick note to say thank you to all the service men and women who make our country stronger, more free and the envy of the entire free world.  Thank you for defending our values.