Friday, July 1, 2011

Is it time to recall Governor Dayton?

Minnesota state government is in full shutdown mode now.  The legislative leaders and the Governor are far apart in negotiating a deal.  Governor Dayton feels it is in the best interest for the state to shut down and have it's 23,000 employees go on a mandated vacation.  Governor Dayton is failing and here is why:
  • He fails to call a special session to give temporary funding for services to continue while negotiating a deal.
  • He continues to say that the rich need to pay more.  This "Tax the Richest" mantra that liberals preach does not work in states that use this.  It does not bring in the revenues like they think it will since the so-called rich hire tax attorneys to spread their wealth to other states and away from the state the live in.
  • HE LIES TO MINNESOTANS!  He states things that the GOP wants to cut spending from schools and from the elderly.  This is a lie!  The budget goes up bi-annually.  This is the largest budget ever in Minnesota.  How can you cut spending from schools and elderly when they will have more money no matter what than the previous budgets.  This is morally wrong for any Democrip to state this.  It is also wrong for any liberal person to not understand this.
It is time to recall Mark Dayton.  It is time for real leadership at the Capitol and have a governor with real leadership and values instead of one who spits out the same old lies and mandates of tax the rich.  

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