Monday, June 6, 2011

Liberating Freedom on this D-Day

Freedom of Tyranny.

Freedom of Oppression.

Stopping Fascism.

Liberating those who were oppressed.  

Liberating Freedom.
That is what I think about on this anniversary of D-Day.  I think about the sacrifice individuals made to liberate oppressed and continue America's way of freedom.   Yes, D-Day was about pushing the Nazi's back to their homeland.  Freeing nations.  D-Day was also more.  It was the Allied Forces (Mainly USA and Great Britain) liberating those who came under the Nazi siege.  D-Day was the ultimate sacrifice where many young men lost their lives so others could live.  Today is a day where we should tell any vet of any war, Thanks.  Thanks for keeping freedom alive.

Also-if you have not read anything from Vince Flynn-I suggest you do.  This makes a great Father's Day gift (hint hint)!

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