Sunday, May 20, 2012

Really, MN GOP?

I have two questions for the Minnesota Republican Partygoers at the convention.



Those are my two questions in regards to the state of the Minnesota Republican Party.  They have moved from the religious conservative wackos to even further right with sending all but 1 delegate to the 2012 Republican Party, or as I call it, "The Crowning of Obama".   Oh and that 1 delegate that is not a backer of Ron Paul is Michelle Bachmann, the head of the bat-shit crazy wing of the party.

I get it.  We are the state that needs to be different than the other 50 states.  We do this by electing Jesse Ventura and Mark Dayton (speaking of batshit crazy, but thats a different story) as Governors and Al Franken as Senator.  At least Sen. Franken has not shit all over himself as Senator yet.   Yet.      

So, all these delegates want Ron Paul as our next President.  Not Mitt Romney.  Certainly not The Chosen One (of Socialism), Barack Obama.   Really?  Why?   Oh you want us to not watch out for our own interests overseas?  You want to revert back to the outdated Gold Standard?  You want the U.S. of A. to be isolationists.  I get that.  There are times when I think the USA gets too involved in other countries problems.  But I do not think that ignoring the worlds problems would help.

I guess my frustration is that we Minnesotans have to be different.  Thats right, cast those votes for Ron Paul (and one for Michele Bachmann) and watch as the rest will elect Mitt Romney to be the nomination for party.  I will just sit back and shake my head in embarrasment.

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