Friday, April 2, 2010

Twins to take AL Central?

I am going to write a different type of baseball prediction blog. First of all, yes I am a homer and the Twins are my #1 team in baseball. That being written, I will take my homerism out of the equation and try and attempt predictions for this upcoming season. Let's start with the National League.

Worst team-Has to be Pittsburgh followed closely by San Diego. Unless SD trades Gonzales and/or Bell then the Padres will be the worst.

Best team-Have to go with the Phillies.

NL East-Philadelphia (97 wins)
NL Central-St. Louis (89 wins)
NL West-Los Angeles (90 wins)
Wild Card-Colorado by a game over Atlanta

American League

Worst Team-Has to be either Cleveland or Kansas City. Doesn't matter which-both teams stink.

Best Team-The evil empire-the hated Yankees.

AL East-New York (yes I threw up in my mouth a little-98 wins)N
AL Central-Your Minnesota Twins (90 wins)
AL West-Seattle (90 wins)
Wild Card-Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem (I still call them California Angels)

Philadelphia over Colorado
LA over St. Louis
LA over Philadelphia in 7 games

California Angels over New York
Twins over Seattle
Twins over Angels in 6 games

That brings us to a rematch of the 1965 World Series. I am hedging the American League beats the National League in the All-Star game and I think the cold weather will be the new Twins advantage versus the Dome magic. I believe the Twins would win games 1 and 2 before heading to warmer weather in LA and their the Dogers win games 3 and 4 but the Twins escape in game 5 with the Wold Series clinching win in game 6 and we now can call Target Field, Magical.

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kelseyport said...

Hey Mark! I'm not much on sports but I could get into your blog and maybe get an education in baseball to boot! Twins might not fair so well in warmer weather !(lol)