Thursday, June 3, 2010

Once Again America Screws Up

Why is it that each time America has a natural disaster, the rest of the world sits back and watches us?

Case in point is the BP oil spill.   While BP and the government is trying to stop the oil from gushing out and also working on a plan to clean up the coast, our allies and neighbors do nothing to help?   Where are you Great Britain (after all they are called British Petroleum)?   Where are you Germany?   Where are you Canada?  Japan?  Latin America?  Africa?   France?  Ok you can stop laughing at France.  

You get my point-they are watching us.  Sort of like driving by a car accident.  You gawk.  They gawk.  They are gawking and laughing at us.  Those countries love to watch us screw up and keep screwing up.   Now I will say that GW Bush screwed up with slow relief effort after Katrina.   His screw up is nothing like Obama's right now.  He feigns anger at the situation as he tries to socialize America.  He really does not care.  I feel for the people of Louisiana and Mississippi.  I was down there recently and the residents are down right pissed off at Obama and his administrations slower than snail's response rate.   Some talk radio down there even want to envoke State's Right's and do what is necessary to protect their wetlands since they are not getting any help from Obama.   State's Rights people!

I guess if I lived in another country I too would sit back and watch this massive screwup so that if it happened on my turf I would know not what to do.

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kelseyport said...

The ' Train Wreck' analogy is spot on Mark! The World is indeed watching as the 'Amateur-in-Cheif' appears to be unconsciously making matters worse! But think about this for a minute. If Obama’s goal is the federalization of pretty much everything in the US,what better way to accomplish this than spreading fear and lack of confidence in BOTH the private companies (who are EVIL and GREEDY) and the government agencies(Who are lobby laden shills and a product of 'that other' administration) that are NOT filled with his cronies... YET, to then be able to justify BOTH a gov’t takeover which whould obviously need “new people” at the helm?
Obama and Co. just 'Bestowed' B.P with a safety award for that very rig! It was mostly an accident hitting an unprepared corporation and an unprepared administration. You're right about one thing: Southerners are Pissed AND the World is Watching!Obama needs to watch out for Jindal, because Jindal could be taking his job in a couple of years!