Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seriously, Obama Pompousness Has Worn Out

He strides up to the podium placed in the hall of the White House.   He speaks.  He uses I throughtout the speech.   These actions show how much of a pompous ass Obama has become.

First, why use the hallway?  Speak to the world from the most important office in the free world.   Speak to the citizens of the United States and let them know that Public Enemy Number One was killed.  Speak to us like almost all the previous presidents before him spoke to Americans during a crisis or when important news was to be announced.   His ego just was too large for the Oval Office so it had to be taken out to the hallway.

Second, why state the obvious, that "I decided" to take him out.  YOU, Mr. President, had an obligation as the leader of the free-ist of all societies, to look out for America's interests.   But seriously, you knew it had to be done and the fact that you had to sleep on it and make a decision 16 hours after the fact tells us that you have no sense of what is right.  You had to come to grips with it yourself knowing if you did not give the approval to strike and take him down that once word leaked out you denied America of cleansing itself of this evil, you would not get re-elected.  That's right, you made the decision because you want to stay on as president after 2012.

Third, you should be ashamed you did not and would not give credit where credit is due.  You cannot find it in your heart to thank former President Bush that, well in fact, HIS decision on interrogation techniques, the Patriot Act, and The Bush Doctrine, gave your administration the facts needed to take out OBL.   You failed to acknowledge him so you could show that you are strong when we all know that your foreign policy is weak and that you are the president that will be known to lose the Middle East friendships that were built up for the past 50-60 years are going out the window.   Shameful you could not thank Mr. Bush.

Lastly, you need to go in 2012.  Yes, America is sick of your pompous attitude.

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