Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I will have a shot of Tequila this weekend while downing a few Dos Equis.   Now on to my rambling thoughts:

  • President Obama has his "Victory" tour this week after killing OBL.  Today he was congratulating the operations teams that took out Osama Bin-Laden.   While I do not agree with the President on many issues I thought he is doing exactly what a President should be doing-reaching out to the military and letting them know about the wonderful job they have done.
  • Speaking of taking out it illegal for a Head of State to "Order" his killing?   I wonder....
  • My mother would have turned 76 just 2 days ago.  She has been deceased for 20 years.  I hate cancer and some day we will have a cure to this evil disease.   My hearts and best wishes go out to all the moms this weekend who have beaten Breast Cancer.   Love your children hard.

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