Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Say NO! To Mileage Taxes!!

Okay, so we have heard from several state governments and the Federal government about an idea to have a tax on miles driven.   Thanks to the left and their "clean fuel" with hybrids, etc, the state and federal government is taking in less tax on money spent at the pump.  SO because of this, they want to tax people who drive a hybrid for miles driven.  Hmmm....several thoughts jump to mind :

  1. I really think people are driving less because of the cost of gas.  I know I have changed my driving habits and think twice if I have to drive excessively than I did before.  I know I pay more at the pump but I go to the pump less than I did. 
  2.   Big Brother will want to install tracking devices in your cars to monitor your mileage driven.  Great!  Wait, not great!  I live in Minnesota and live close to Wisconsin.  What if Minnesota passes this law, i drive a hybrid, but not 100% of the time in Minnesota.  Do I have to pay for miles driven out of Minnesota?  
  3. Big Brother will be able to tell where I drive and how fast.  Who is to stop BB from being able to send me speeding tickets in the mail based on the computer recording how fast I drive?  What if I get lost driving and find myself near a known drug dealer.  Who is to say they will not dispatch vehicles looking for people in that area who are driving around?   
  4. Do I have to pay for mileage if my car is stolen? 
Okay say it passes...liberals are trying to make it hard for drivers.  This is geared towards mass transit.  Liberals literally want to tax you to death until you go the way they want you to go.  Tax on gas.  Tax on miles.  Tax on registrations.  Toll roads.  When will the taxes stop?  When will they let government get out of our lives?  NEVER!!!!!!

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