Thursday, May 12, 2011

Republican Field for 2012 Is Stagnate

I am not overwhelmed by any candidate or potential candidates for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee.  I am waiting for someone to come forward who will excite me, excite the GOP base and excite independents.  Here is how I view some of the potential nominees.

Newt Gingrich
I am not excited by him anymore.  He has old idea's that do not excite anyone.  He is too conservative to excite indies.  He is too conservative to excite centrists in the Republican Party.   

Mitt Romney
The GOP version of John "Flip Flop" Kerry.  Sure he will repeal Obama care.  Wait, didn't he have a version like Obama care that he championed when he was governor in Massachusetts?  I can see Obama's team going hard after him on that and all his other changes since he became a so-called conservative.

Tim Pawlenty
The nice guy who wants to be liked by everyone.  I do like him.  Not too conservative and yet not too moderate.  One problem is that he was so staunch in his position of no new taxes, he led Minnesota to a state of user fee's.  Sure he is against taxes but he failed to limit spending in Minnesota which has led to the state being in big trouble with the budget.

Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann
Which will want to wear the Prom Queen crown?  My guess is Michelle Bachmann.  I do not think Palin will run nor should she.  She showed how weak she was in policy in 2008.  Both women do excite the crowd, which is a positive.  My guess is that Bachmann will have early support but that will fall apart when she says something controversial, which she tends to do at times.

Herman Cain
Herman is the one that Democrats fear the most.  A black conservative.  How dare he?!!  Am I right?  Cain will be everything Obama is now.  A well-spoken black man.  Someone that you can throw away the race card which the Dem's hide in their recruiting of voter's.  Cain will be able to get the Indie's excited plus will be the one that can pull together a divided GOP.   Cain sends fear down the Limousine Liberals spine's because they know he can pull the black vote along with the Hispanic vote.   If he decides to run....look out world!

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